Valentine Heart – pattern


  • yarn YarnArt Jeans
  • crochet hook 3.0
  • sewing needle and scissors
  • skewer sticks
  • hot glue


MR – magic ring
sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
hdc – half duble crochet
dc – duble crochet
tr – treble crochet
( … ) – work in one stitch
*– the numer of repetitions

Graphic pattern

The graphic pattern doesn’t include row 4.

Heart x2

1.2ch 10dc in MR sl st10
2.3ch (2tr)*2 (2dc) (1dc 1hdc) (1hdc 1sc) (1sc 1hdc) (1hdc 1dc) (2dc) (2tr)*2 sl st20
3.1ch 1sc (1hdc 1dc) (2tr)*3 1dc (1dc 1hdc) 1hdc 1sc (2sc) 2ch (2sc) 1sc 1hdc (1hdc 1dc) 1dc (2tr)*3 (1dc 1hdc) 1sc sl st34

Don’t cut the yarn at second heart. Join the hearts together in the 4th row (this row isn’t in the graphic scheme).

4.1sc (2hdc) 1hdc (2hdc)*4 (1hdc 1sc) (2sc) 7sc 2ch 7sc (2sc) (1sc 1hdc) (2hdc)*4 1hdc (2hdc) 1sc sl st48

Cut the yarn and hide inside.

Rows 1,2 and 3

Row 4

Glue the stick in with hot glue while working on row 4 – see photo above.

Sorry for my English, if somewhere has a grammatical mistakes!
The pattern „Valentine Heart” was designed by Wolf Handicraft and is intended for private use. The pattern cannot be sold, distributed or translated into other languages. The pattern is free. Finished hearts can be sold on a small scale. I’ll be glad if you mention / mark the finished work with the photo where the pattern comes from.