Unicorn Bookmark – pattern


  • yarn YarnArt Jeans (colors 03, 18, 19, 42, 53, 73)
  • crochet hook 2.5
  • fibrefill
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • loose glitter (optional)
  • quick-seting adhesive (I used SuperGlue) (optional)
  • a pin to mix glitter with glue (optional)
  • blush


MR – magic ring
sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
hdc – half duble crochet
dc – duble crochet
tr – treble crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
3tog1 – three single crochet together (in one stitch)
BLO – back loop only

* – the numer of repetitions


1.6 MR6
2.inc *612
3.1sc inc *618
4.2sc inc *624
5.3sc inc *630
6. – 8.sc30
9.3sc dec *624
11.4sc dec *420
13.5sc 2dec 2sc 2dec 5sc16
15.2sc dec *412
16.dec *66
From row 14, start filling up the head.

Don’t cute the yarn. From this point on, you’ll start making the ridge of the bookmark.

Pierce trough the first and fourth stitch, make a slip stitch.

Bookmark ridge

2.return 60sc sl st (see picture below) 1ch60
3.return 60sc60

Lower part of the bookmark ridge

2.sc 3tog1 inc6
3. – 4.sc6

Tuck the end of the ridge of the bookmark into the center and sew it.

Note: Before sewing this item to the ridge of a bookmark, you can first embed the tail and hind legs of the unicorn on it (see the items below), and then sew the back to the ridge bookmark. Both methods are correct.

Hooves x4

1.6 MR6
2.inc *612
3.BLO sc12
4.dec *66

Tvine x4

Follow the steps below 20 repetitions up (20sc up).

Tutorial recorded by Kreatywną Pyzę


1.3 MR3
2.inc 2sc4
4.inc 3sc5
Sew the corner between the 10th and 11th row in the middle of the head.

Ear x2

1.6 MR6
3.2sc inc *28
5.Fold the ear in half and make 4sc4

Sew the ears between the 10th and 11th rows on the unicorn’s head.


1.13ch return13
2.sc 3 hdc 4dc 3tr 3ch sl st12

1.6ch return6
2.sc 2hdc 2dc 2ch sl st5

1.7ch return7
2.sc 2hdc 3dc 2ch sl st6

1.8ch return8
2.sc 2hdc 4dc 2ch sl st6


1.15ch return15
2.sc 3hdc 4dc 4tr hdc sl st14


Eyes start on the 7th row and finish with 9. The distance between the eyes is 7 stitches.


If you have glitter with glue, apply it straight away to the mane with a pin or needle.

  • prepare a stand for mixing, e.g. A4 sheet folded twice in half,
  • mix glitter with glue using e.g. a pin,
  • put the prepared mass on the bookmark with a pin.

If the prepared mass solidifies during application, add a little glue and mix again, you can also sprinkle some glitter.
When the bookmark is dry, bend it and rub your finger over the places where the mass was applied. Then they will not be stiff with glue and you will get rid of excess glitter.


For painting you can use: blusher, fabric pastels, acrylic paints. I used pink.

Apply the blush with an ear stick or cotton pad.

Sorry for my English, if somewhere has a grammatical mistakes!
The „Unicorn Bookmark” pattern is designed by Wolf Handicraft and is intended for private use. The pattern cannot be sold, distributed or translated into other languages. The pattern is free. Ready-made bookmarks can be sold on a small scale.
I will be glad if you mention / mark when photo of the finished bookmark where the pattern comes from.