Mini bee – pattern


  • yarn YarnArt Jeans lub Gazzal Baby Cotton
  • crochet hook 2.5
  • safety eyes 8mm
  • fibrefill
  • sewing needle
  • scissors


MR – magic ring
sl st – slip stitch
st – stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half duble crochet
dc – duble crochet
tr – treble crochet
inc – increase
dec – decrease
(…)*x – the numer of repetitions


Start with yellow.

1.6 MR6 *612
3.3sc (inc)*6 3sc18
4.3sc (sc, inc)*6 3sc24
5. – 6.sc24
7.Change to black 3sc (2sc, inc)*6 3sc30
8.3sc (3sc, inc)*6 3sc36
9. – 11.Change to yellow sc36
12.Change to black 3sc (3sc, dec)*6 3sc30
13.3sc (2sc, dec)*6 3sc24
14.3sc (sc, dec)*6 3sc18
15.3sc (dec)*6 3sc – fill the body12
After row 11 is finished, we mount safe eyes. Insert safety eyes between Rnd 4 and 5, 14 st apart.

Wings x 2

1.6st return6 dc hdc (sc, sl st)5
Sew wings between Rnd 9 and 10. The distance between the wings is 2-3 stitches.

Antennae x 2

Follow the steps below 4 repetitions up (4sc up)

Sew antennae between Rnd 5 and 6.

Sorry for my English, if somewhere has a grammatical mistakes!
The „Mini bee” pattern is designed by Wolf Handicraft and is intended for private use. The pattern cannot be sold, distributed or translated into other languages. The pattern is free. Ready-made bookmarks can be sold on a small scale.
I will be glad if you mention / mark when photo of the finished bookmark where the pattern comes from.